Friday, February 2nd, 2018
Lafayette Geology Career Services Staff
Title:  Internships & Careers in Geology, Earth, & Environmental Fields.

Friday, February 16th, 2018
David Spears (’81) – State Geologist of Virginia
Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, & Energy
Title:  Geology & Public Policy — Tales of a Geoscientist in Government

*Wednesday, March 7th, 2018
Julia Seidenstein (’14)
United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Title:  Post-College:  My Experiences at the US Geological Survey & the National Park Service

Friday, March 30th, 2018
Samantha Bova
Rutgers University
Title: Glacial-interglacial CO2 Variations:  Insights to the carbon cycle from the paleo-record

*Wednesday, April 5th, 2018 – Colton Chapel, 7:30PM
Steve Pacala
Princeton University
Title: Climate Change Paradox in the USA:  Hope in Dark and Warming Times

Friday, April 20th, 2018
Jocelyn Sessa
Drexel University & Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
Title:  Using Mollusks to Elucidate Ecologic and Climatic Changes in Past & Present Marine Environments

Friday, April 27th, 2018
Charlie Bartberger (’67)
Retired BP Petroleum Geologist
Title:  Catastrophic Floods Across Washington’s Channeled Scabland in the Late Pleistocene:  J Harlen Bretz & the Historic Geological Debate Spawned by His Astonishing Interpretations


Friday, September 8th, 2017
Lafayette Geology Students
Title:  My Summer in the Geology, Earth Science, and Environmental Fields

*Thursday, September 21st, 2017 – 12:15PM
Hilary Christensen
Moravian College
Title:  Mammalian Adaptation to Herbivory after the End-Cretaceous Extinction

Friday, October 27th, 2017
Heather Savage
Columbia University
GeoPRISMS Distinguished Lectureship Program
Title:   The Science and Pseudoscience of Earthquake Prediction

Friday, November 3rd, 2017
Vincent Carbone
Senior Geologist, HDR
Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists lecture series
Title:   PCPG:  Trends in Geology and Geoscience in Pennsylvania and in Industry

Friday, November 10th, 2017
Connie Soja
Colgate University
Title:  Fossils & the Great Alaskan Terrane Wreck

Friday, November 17th, 2017
Lafayette Geology Faculty
Title:  Life after Lafayette

Friday, December 1st, 2017
Joe Meiburger & Allen Parker ’99
ECS Geotechnical Consulting
Title:  Geotechnical, Environmental, and Materials Testing Projects at ECS (+ Summer Internships and Career Opportunities)


Friday February 3rd, 2017
Joe Meiburger
ECS Geotechnical Consulting
Title:  Summer Internship & Career Opportunities with ECS

Friday February 10th, 2017
Amy Rhodes
Smith College
Title:  Establishing Baseline Water Chemistry for Household Wells within the Marcellus Shale Gas Region, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

Friday February 24th, 2017
Lafayette GEOL 170 (Ecuador & Galapagos) Reunion

March 3rd, 2017
Peter Cocheo & Students

March 7th, 2017
Ray Troll & David Sunderlin
Title:  An Artist & a Geologist Wander Alaska

Friday March 24th, 2017
Ken Kodama
Lehigh University
Title:  High-Resolution Rock Magnetic Cyclostratigraphy and the Duration of the Shuram C-isotope Excursion

Friday March 31st, 2017
Sara Pruss
Smith College
Title:  Fossil Evidence for Life after a 720 Million Year Old Frozen Earth

Friday April 7th, 2017
John Stix
McGill University
Title:  Fast and Slow Volcanoes

Friday April 14th, 2017
Charlie Bartberger ’67
Retired BP Petroleum Geologist
Title:  Thirty Years of Puzzling Non-Commercial Gas Wells from the Deep Eastern Greater Green River Basin of Southwest Wyoming: Puzzle Finally Resolved!

Friday April 21st, 2017
Ingrid Peate
University of Iowa
Title:  The Largest Volcanic Eruptions on Earth

Friday April 28th, 2017
Lafayette Geology Students
Title:  How did we do it?:  Guidance on the post-graduate search process


*Wednesday September 7th, 2016
Christine McCarthy ’16
Semester in Environmental Science (SES) (Marine Biological Laboratory – Woods Hole, MA) – off campus study information session

Friday September 9th, 2016
Lafayette Geology Students
Group Presentation:  Summer Adventures & Research Highlights

Friday October 21st, 2016
Charlie Bartberger ’67
Retired BP Petroleum Geologist
Title:  Thirty Years of Puzzling Non-Commercial Gas Wells from the Deep Eastern Greater Green River Basin of Southwest Wyoming: Puzzle Finally Resolved! Part I

Friday October 28th, 2016
Charlie Bartberger ’67
Retired BP Petroleum Geologist
Title:  Thirty Years of Puzzling Non-Commercial Gas Wells from the Deep Eastern Greater Green River Basin of Southwest Wyoming: Puzzle Finally Resolved! Part II

Friday November 4th, 2016
Laura Lautz ’98
Syracuse University
Title: Methane and salinity in shallow groundwater of the Marcellus Shale region:  Applied statistics for an applied problem

Friday November 11th, 2016
Emmy Smith
Smithsonian Institution
Title: The last of the Ediacara: a new transect of Precambrian-Cambrian Boundary sections in the Southwest USA

Friday November 18th, 2016
Lafayette Geology Faculty
Title: Life after Lafayette

Friday December 2nd, 2016
Lafayette Geology Thesis Students
Thesis Mid-Project Reports

Friday December 2nd, 2016 *4PM*
Lafayette Geology National Parks Course Reunion

Friday December 9th, 2016
Lafayette Geology Thesis Students
Thesis Mid-Project Reports

Friday December 16th, 2016
Lafayette Geology Thesis Student
Thesis Mid-Project Report


Friday January 29th, 2016
Paul Myrow
Colorado College
Title: Storm Deposition: Controversies and Insights from the Laboratory, Oceans, and Field

Friday February 5th, 2016
Nick Pyenson
Smithsonian Institution
Paleontological Society Distinguished Lecture Program
Title:  Cetaceans and fish lizards in silico: 3D digitizing over 200 million years of fossil graveyards, from the Atacama to Nevada

Friday February 12th, 2016
Ken Foreman
Semester in Environmental Science – Marine Biological Laboratory
Information Session:  Learn about the Semester in Environmental Science (SES) in Woods Hole, MA

**THURSDAY February 18th, 2016 – 7:30PM
Peter Hutchinson
THG Geophysics
Title:  An Accounting and Update of the Deep Water Horizon Disaster Through the Eyes of the Chief Council’s Report, 2011

Friday February 19th, 2016
Peter Hutchinson
THG Geophysics
Title:  Geophysical Methods for Detecting Subsurface Anomalies (mine voids and karst features)

Friday March 4th, 2016
No Seminar

Friday April 8th, 2016
Derek Pizarro’
Title:  From the Medicine Cabinet to Brownfields: Remediating Heavy Metals with Bath Salts and Antacids

Friday April 15th, 2016
Ayla Pamukcu
Princeton University
Title: Before the Big Boom: The Life and Times of Supereruptive Magmas

Friday April 29th, 2016
Guy Hovis
Lafayette College
Title: The Life of a Scientist


*Wednesday September 9th, 2015
Max Borella
Frontiers Abroad – New Zealand

Friday September 11th, 2015
Karen Smit
Gemological Institute of America
Title:  Temporal evolution of the Superior lithospheric mantle: evidence from peridotite and diamond ages

Friday September 18th, 2015
Nick Uline
Semester in Environmental Science (SES)
Marine Biological Laboratories (MBL) – Woods Hole

*Wednesday September 23rd, 2015
Amy Suida
Sea Education Association (SEA) – Woods Hole

Friday September 25th, 2015
Brett McLaurin
Bloomsburg University
Title: Quaternary Stratigraphy and Landscape Dynamics of the La Playa Archaeological Site, Northern Sonora, Mexico

Friday October 2nd, 2015
Kevin Uno
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory – Columbia University
Title:  Evidence for late Pliocene grassland expansion as a driver of mammalian evolution in the Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Friday October 23rd, 2015
Lafayette Geology Faculty
“Life after Lafayette”

Friday November 6th, 2015
Joe Francica
Managing Director, Geospatial Industry Solutions at Pitney Bowes
Title:  The 10 Things you need to Know about Geospatial Tech Stuff-and how to get a Job!

Friday November 13th, 2015
Paul Harnik
Franklin & Marshall College
Title: Extinctions with and without us: using fossils to evaluate extinction risk in the modern oceans

Friday November 20th, 2015
Charlie Bartberger ’67
Retired BP petroleum geologist
Title: How Geology and Technology combine to Yield Commercial Oil from the Bakken Formation, North Dakota, Montana, and Saskatchewan

Friday December 11th, 2015
Geology Thesis Student Mid-Project Reports


Friday January 30th: Tim Glotch
Stony Brook University
“New insights into lunar geology from mid-infrared remote sensing measurements”

*Thursday February 5th, 2015
College-Wide Event:
Thomas Roy & Lura Forrest Jones Visiting Lecture
Elizabeth Kolbert
The Sixth Extinction:  An Unnatural History
*Colton Chapel – 7PM

Friday February 20th, 2015
Josh Wyrick
Lafayette College
“Analyzing rivers as they are, not as we think they are”

Friday April 3rd, 2015
Ed Evenson
Lehigh University
“Charles Darwin:  Geologist & The Origin of Darwin’s Boulders, Tierra del Fuego”

Friday April 10th, 2015
Lowell Miyagi – COMPRES Distinguished Lecture Series
University of Utah
“Rheology experiments at extreme conditions:  Understanding the mechanical properties of Earth’s interior

Friday April 17th, 2015
Shannon Hansen
Ballston Spa High School
“American Indians at Mesa Verde and their Connection to Earth:  Geoscience and archaeology perspectives”

Spring 2013 Speaker Schedule

Feb. 8: Jack Repcheck, W.W. Norton & Co.
Oechsle 224 Auditorium
The Man Who Found Time: James Hutton and the Discovery of the Earth’s Antiquity

Feb. 15: Joan Ramage MacDonald, Lehigh University
Remote Sensing of Glacier Melt and Sea Ice Extent in the Russian High Arctic Archipelagos

Feb. 22: Elizabeth Cottrell, Smithsonian Institution, COMPRES Distinguished Lecturer
The Oxidation State of Earth’s Interior

March 1: Craig Manning, UCLA, GeoPRISM Distinguished Lecturer
In Deep Water: New Insights into Geologic Fluids of the Deep Crust and Upper Mantle

March 8: Guy Hovis, Lafayette College
Selection, Purchase, and Capabilities of Lafayette’s New Quarter Million
Dollar X-ray System

March 15: Sara Mitchell, Holy Cross
Title TBA

April 26: Andrew Leslie, Yale University
Title TBA

May 3: Katharina Billups, Univ. of Delaware
Reconstructing Climate History: The Evolution of Antarctic Glaciation

Fall 2012 Speaker Schedule

September 14: Sarah Welsh-Huggins ’11
GeoEngineering in Iceland: Acopian Engineering Center

September 21: Gene Hunt, Smithsonian Institution, Paleontological Society Distinguished Lecturer
“Climate Change and Body Size Trends in Deep-sea Ostracodes”

September 28: Ian Bailey, Univ. of Southampton
Title TBA

October 12: Lafayette Geology Students
Experiences in New Zealand

November 2: Andrew Genco ’06
Geophysics across the Western US and Mexico

November 9: Lafayette Geology Students
Summer internship experiences

November 16: Geology Department Faculty
“Life After Lafayette”

Spring 2010 Speaker Schedule

January 29: David Sunderlin Department of Geology & Environmental Geosciences, Lafayette College
“A Glimpse of a Warmer World:  Paleoenvironment & Paleoecology of the Paleogene Chickaloon Formation, Alaska”

February 4: Thursday, 7:00 PM, Kirby Room 104 Jack Repcheck, Vice President & Editor, W.W. Norton & Co. Publishing Co.
“The Man Who Found Time:  James Hutton and the Discovery of the Earth’s Antiquity”

February 19: Lawrence Malinconico and Dru Germanoski Department of Geology & Environmental Geosciences, Lafayette College “Memories of Hawaii, Interim 2010”

Jonathan Hill, Keystone Cement
February 26:   “Introduction to Mining”
March 5: “Industrial Mineral Processing: Cement Manufacturing”

March 12: No brown bag – Friday before spring break

March 19: No brown bag – Friday of spring break

March 26: No brown bag – Smithsonian trip

April 2: Christy Visaggi, University of North Carolina Wilmington “Latitudinal Variation in Molluscan Drilling Predation: Implications for Patterns of Evolution in the Fossil Record”

April 9: Steve Mylon, Department of Chemistry, Lafayette College (awaiting title)

April 16: Art Kney, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Lafayette College
“Meaningful Interactions; Community Empowerment Through a Thoughtful – Student
Engaged – Research Program”  (tentative title)

April 23: “Lafayette College is Green”
Presented by Lafayette students who make it happen: Jenn Bell ’11, Bryan McAtee ’11, Daniella Colon ’10, Mickey Adelman ’10, Emily Clark ’12

April 30:  Sara Kreisel, Department of Geology & Environmental Geosciences, Lafayette College
“Assessing the Functional Status of Created Wetlands in Eastern Virginia via a Soil and Vegetative Developmental Trajectory”

May 6:  Craig Kochel, Bucknell University (awaiting title)

Fall 2009 Speaker Schedule

9/5 Darren Gravely, Aukland University
“Frontiers Abroad Semester Programmes in New Zealand: Field and Research-Based
Education for Geology and Earth Systems Students”

9/18 Bob Libutti ’02
“From Tectonics to Tectonics”

9/25 Dept. of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, Lafayette College
“What To Do With My Life???”

10/2 Laura Bochner & Maricate Conlon & Billy Hudacek, Lafayette College
“From the Carboniferous to Carbon: Summer Experiences from Ireland to Pennsylvania”

10/9 No Seminar (Fall Break)

10/16 Charles Epifanio, University of Delaware
“Transport Of Blue Crab Larvae In The Middle Atlantic Bight: A Wet And Windy Journey”

10/22 Alfredo Cahuas ’86 [NOTE: this is a Thursday lecture]
“Challenges & Opportunities in the Renewable Energy Sector”

10/30 Steven Whitmeyer, James Madison University
“Modern Methods of Field Geology: From the Outcrop to 4-D Visualization”

11/6 Larry Malinconico and David Sunderlin, Lafayette College
“2009 National Parks Course Memories”

11/13 Jay Parrish, Pennsylvania Geological Survey
“Recent Developments in Carbon Capture and Sequestration in Pennsylvania”

11/20 J. J. Foley & Bryan McAtee & Brain McDonald, Lafayette College
“New Zealand Experiences, Spring 2009”

11/27 No Seminar Thanksgiving week

12/4 Guy Hovis, Lafayette College
“Geology Student Research: Fat Feldspars”