More on my academic concentrations: I am a BS Geology major on the Geology track. I am going for a minor in Economics.

How I came to be a geo major: I entered Lafayette wanting to study environmental science, but this was not an optional major. So I chose to try geology thinking it was a similar subject.

What I like about the geology department: The geology department is the greatest department I have taken classes in. The professors truly care about what you are learning and want you to succeed. The time I spend in my geology classes and labs is effective and provides time not only to learn but to create relationships with professors. I feel so comfortable with all of them asking any question or for advice, regarding to class and otherwise.

My favorite geo classes and topics: Geomorphology (Earth Surface Processes) is my favorite. I loved the topics and the idea of the earth changing. It was like a mystery to attempt to figure out how it became that way. I also enjoyed Hydrogeology and Structures for similar reasons. Fluvial geomorphology is something I find very interesting and I am pursuing in my graduate search. I also found structural geology to be very interesting and enjoyable.

I have done research with several professors: I worked with Dr. Steven Mylon in the chemistry department on reducing perchlorate, a man made toxin, using anoxic bacteria. I also worked with Dr. Guy Hovis on his research involving the thermal expansion of feldspars. This research project required our research team to travel to Cambridge, England in order to use their thermal x-ray machine. I spent at least part of each of my summers at Lafayette doing research with my professors.  It was a great experience to work just on my research all day. The ample time made it possible to compile some great data and reports. I am currently working on my senior honors thesis with Dr. Dru Germanoski. This research is on the chemical and geomorphological effects of dam removal on the local Third St. dam in the Bushkill Creek. I am analyzing ten sediment cores gathered from above the dam. Chemical analysis is being done for copper, lead, cadmium and arsenic.

I also did a geology summer field camp: I went to Ireland with JMU field geology camp in the summer of 2009. It was an amazing experience to study in a new geologic place with a different program. This program required students to structurally map certain areas of western Ireland both on paper and with GIS.

The geologically coolest places I’ve been: Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher. Sheep Mountain in Wyoming was also amazing due to its isolation. It was crazy to be in the middle of nowhere on a mountain with cell phone service.

Outside the classroom and lab: I am a co-captain of the Lafayette Women’s Varsity Swim and Dive Team. I am a senior year member and was corresponding secretary of Kappa Kappa Gamma. I am also involved in the Make A Wish and Student Movement Against Cancer clubs.

My hobbies: My hobbies include reading, hiking, singing, and watching movies.

After Lafayette: I am planning to attend graduate school next year and I am in the process of applying. I hope that with a Masters or PhD degree I can possibly work in academia or some form of geologic consulting in regards to natural water ways or groundwater.