More on my major: I will hopefully be BS Geology major on the Geology track.

How I came to be a geo major: I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I thought geology sounded interesting so I applied for the geology program, figuring that I had until my sophomore year to really decide what I was going to do. Professor Hovis was assigned as my advisor for freshman fall and I decided I was happy with the geology major.

What I like about my major and the geology department: The teachers are very personable and helpful; I think that is a very positive feature of the geology department. It is very easy to speak with them and get extra help if you need it. Also, geology is just an interesting subject; it is an interesting way of thinking and looking at the world.

My favorite geo class and topic so far: Probably Paleobiology. It is an interesting class because you’re taught about the history of life starting in the Cambrian. Also, you learn how to interpret scientific articles and understand what they mean; this is a helpful skill to have. Geology is all pretty interesting, but I enjoy learning about past climates and organisms the most.

The coolest place I’ve been, geologically speaking: Yellowstone National Park.

I’m also planning to take Geol. 160: I am planning on taking the National Parks trip over the May interim. We’ll be visiting all of the major National Parks in the south west. I’m particularly looking forward to white water rafting down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon.

I did EXCEL research with Professor Dave Sunderlin in summer 2010: Dave studies fossils from Alaska. I looked at pieces of amber under the microscope in the hope that I might find pollen, insects, or plant fragments that might indicate who and what was living in Alaska back at the Paleocene/Eocene boundary. We ended up finding a couple of interesting pieces!

Outside the classroom: I am also a member of the varsity field hockey team.

My hobbies: My hobbies include field hockey (if that counts as a hobby?) and I also make pottery. I have a wheel at home so I can’t throw much at school, but I recently found a studio nearby so hopefully that will change.

After Lafayette: I still have not completely decided what I will be doing professionally or personally in the future. However, I am planning on attending graduate school and traveling a lot.