The Department of the Geology and Environmental Geosciences alumni/ae biography project seeks to build stronger connections between our alumni/ae and our program and highlight the diverse and impressive accomplishments of our graduates.  These biographies feature personal accounts from our department’s alumni/ae in which our program’s alums explain how their experiences at Lafayette shaped their lives and career paths and share wisdom from their own life journeys.  These short biographical sketches provide examples of the broad spectrum of different career paths one can pursue with a Geology degree from Lafayette College.

The biographies can be scrolled through individually, as well as searched by key words.  Additionally, many of these alumni are willing to speak with current students to answer questions about their experiences and their careers.

Charles Bartberger (1967) former Petroleum Geologist

Kristen Berger (2015) Professional Liability Underwriter

Cortney Brand (1993) President/CEO of Leonard Rice Engineers

Elizabeth Cassidy (2005) Law Office of Elizabeth Cassidy PLLC

Peter Cocheo (1991) Secondary School Teacher

Maricate Conlon (2011) Geologist

Karl Flessa (1968) Professor of Geology

Laura (Bochner) Gordon (2010) Medical Student

Matthew Harhen (2008) Amazon Product Manager

Robyn Henderek (2015) Geologist at Zion National Park

Hannah Kowalski (2014) Environmental Geologist

Robert Libutti (2002) Architect

Sean Murphy (2011) Petroleum Geologist

Chris Pelland (2015) Senior Consultant

Derek Pizarro (2004) Environmental Remediation

John Rehm (1973) Geologist/Hydrologist

Jessica Luth Richter (2001) PhD candidate in Environmental Policy

Allison Tumarkin-Deratzian (1997) Associate Professor Temple University

Robert “Bob” Von Rhee (1975) Petroleum Geologist

Hilary White (2010) PhD Student in Climate Science