More on my major: I am a BS Geology track major.

How I discovered the geo major: A few of my friends on the swim team were geology majors, and I wound up going to one of the brownbag talks sponsored by the geology department with one of them. It had to do with the evolution of lizards through time and I became really interested in pursuing paleontology. So, I changed my major to geology and have not looked back since.

What I like about the geology department: I really like how there is a sense of community in the geology department. The professors have a vested interest in whether the students here learn. All of them are so willing to help and listen, that it makes the process of learning and the overall academic experience enjoyable.

My favorite geo class so far: My favorite class so far has been Paleobiology because that is the topic I am most interested in pursuing a career in. I think paleontology is really awesome and this class just further expanded my interest. But it was not just learning about fossils that was interesting, but learning about the processes in which paleontology is done and evolutionary concepts used in paleontology was also fascinating.

I’ve been to some really neat geological places: All of the places I have gotten to visit because of our labs have been really amazing, especially since you get to look at the places in a new light. When you are learning about the geology and geologic processes, instead of just looking at it as some beautiful scenery, you gain a new perspective.

And I plan to add a few more to that list: I plan to participate in the Geology 160 May Interim Trip to the USA Western Parks. For two weeks the trip travels to different national parks in the Western US, like Zion Park in Utah, to learn about the geology out there while getting an amazing field experience.

I’m conducting research on Earth’s past climate: I am an EXCEL student, studying under Professor Kira Lawrence. Our project revolves around collecting alkenone and isoptopic data to help reconstruct climate information about the Earth during the Pleistoncene epoch. The drilling site that we have used is located off the coast of New Zealand. It is the first site in the South Pacific that this information has been generated from and can now be compared to the same type of data collected from other areas in the oceans.

Outside the classroom: I am a member of the Varsity Women’s Swimming Team here at Lafayette.

My hobbies: I really enjoy swimming, being outdoors, and, like every other college kid, hanging out with my friends. I do live too far away from Lafayette, so it’s always nice to go home and see my family on the rare free weekend I have.

My post-graduate plans: I would like to go to grad school to pursue a PhD in Paleontology. As for personal aspirations, I would like to just be happy with what I wind up doing!