1.2 Billion years of Geologic Time, and 3 tons of rocks.  That is what it takes to make a geologic cross section through Eastern Pennsylvania.  From the 1.4 billion year old igneous and metamorphic basement rocks, through the Paleozoic sedimentary rocks, into the Mesozoic Newark Basin rocks at 200 million years old.  With the help of Jack Stenlake Masonry, of Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, our geologic vision became a reality.  Enjoy this time lapse video of the construction of the geologic cross section.

We want to thank the following donors for providing the rocks that are used in this feature.

Delaware River Quarries: Stockton Formation
Lehigh Hanson Aggregates: Lockatong Formation, Catskill Formation, Jacksonburg Formation, Basement materials
The Charles Chrin Companies: Basement materials
Merrill Creek Reservoir: Basement Materials
Lafayette College: Allentown Formation
Martin Stone Quarries: Basement materials, Hardyston Formation
Dally Slate Company: Martinsburg Formation
Lehigh Gap Nature Center: Shawangunk Formation
Comunale Farm: Shawangunk Formation
Ray Price Auto Park: Marcellus Formation, Mahantango Formation
Keystone Cement Company: Jacksonburg Formation