Meet some of the students studying Geology!

Jennifer Bell ’11 (Geology major, Religious Studies minor from Purcellville, VA)
bell-150x150“I went on a road trip with some other geology majors in summer 2010 to the western US to see as many national parks as we could. We saw so many beautiful places…You certainly don’t have to leave the country to see many awesome, diverse geologic places.  The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Yosemite were my favorites…”
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Alexandria Brannick ’12 (Geology major from Point Pleasant, NJ)
brannick“All of the places I have gotten to visit because of our labs have been really amazing, especially since you get to look at the places in a new light. When you are learning about the geology and geologic processes, instead of just looking at it as some beautiful scenery, you gain a new perspective.”
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Maricate Conlon ’11 (Geology major, Economics minor from Charlotte, NC)
conlon-150x150“The geology department is the greatest department I have taken classes in. The professors truly care about what you are learning and want you to succeed. The time I spend in my geology classes and labs is effective and provides time not only to learn but to create relationships with professors. I feel so comfortable asking them any question or for advice, regarding to class and otherwise.”
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Christopher Kelly ’13 (Geology/International Affairs double major from Boyertown, PA)
kelly-150x150I never envisioned myself becoming a geology major…In high school, I gravitated towards policy…Coming into Lafayette, I was unsure but leaning philosophy. Shortly thereafter, I changed my major to International Affairs and took Dr. M’s Geo Hazards course to fill a lab requirement. I fell in love with the course material…”
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Nathan Kenison-Marvin ’11 (Geology/Government & Law double major from Tuftonboro, NH)
Nathan-150x150The time scales upon which geologic processes occur are so fascinatingly large. One cannot be educated in geology without gaining a new perspective and greater appreciation for the earth and for our own existence within the earth systems we inhabit. Geologic time—million and billion year times scales—looms so large that…the concept of geologic time never loses its ‘awe’ factor.”
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Aaron Medford ’11 (Geology major from Hubbard, OH)
medford-150x150Geology is a great major because I get to go on field trips in every class. I get to leave campus and go study in the outdoors, which is something that drew me to the field. Secondly, it is cool walking and driving around and being able to apply stuff that I just learned in class. I get to use my major in everyday situations, such as identifying ripple marks in an outcrop on my drive home…”
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Emily Melvin ’12 (Geology/American Studies double major from Seaford, NY)
melvin-150x150I went on the geology interim trip to Hawaii (Geol 150: Geologic Evolution of the Hawaiian Islands). We traveled to Maui, Oahu, and the big Island of Hawaii. Some of our activities included visiting Volcanoes National Park, hiking Haleakala, snorkeling, attending a luau, and visiting the Arizona Memorial. In Spring 2011, I will be studying abroad in New Zealand as part of the Frontiers Abroad Program…”
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Taylor Miller ’13 (Geology/Art double major from Glenside, PA)
miller-150x150“The professors in the geology department care about all of the students in each their classes, whether they are geology majors or not. They are always willing to answer questions and provide help. The geology department makes each Geo major feel like they are more than just a student, but a part of a family.”
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Sean Murphy ’11 (Geology major, Religious Studies minor  from Stoughton, MA)
murphy-150x150“I like the challenge of field mapping. Just making some observations and measurements at the surface can tell me a lot about what is going on regionally, as well as in the subsurface. This thrill of discovery is what is currently driving my efforts in my thesis, and plans for grad school.”
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Jaclyn White ’13 (Geology major from Clarksboro, NJ)
“I did EXCEL research with Professor Dave Sunderlin in summer 2010. Dave studies fossils from Alaska. I looked at pieces of amber under the microscope in the hope that I might find pollen, insects, or plant fragments that might indicate who and what was living in Alaska back at the Paleocene/Eocene boundary. We ended up finding a couple of interesting pieces!”
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